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Сорри, что без перевода. Но кому нужно, тот переведет. Веселый/ Сам я был только в Meggie's с партнерами по бизнесу. Рекомендую.

General Introduction
Beijing has a large variety of girls available, both domestic girls from all over China, to international working girls from Russia and Mongolia, making it a good town for mongering. The only down side is that the prices are generally higher in Beijing then other Chinese cities for similar services. Prostitution is illegal in China, but it is generally tolerated. A few times a year the government will try to clean up the town. This cleanup occurs when the Peoples Congress is in session, as well as right before the October National holiday. If one of the bars gets raided (which is rare) the cops will come in and ask to see everyone’s passports. I have never heard of a foreigner being detained, but I guess it could happen. Beijing is one of the safest cities in the world. Crime is low, and considering the population the odds of getting in a physical altercation are almost zero. Regardless, if you are stupid you can fall victim to any number of petty crimes or scams. Common scams include a pretty girl coming up to you on the street, flirting with you, and then suggesting you go to some local restaurant or tea house. She orders the tea, but when the bill comes it is much higher then you would ever expect. A similar scam is for “art students” to invite you back to their gallery to view their air. They will then hit you up to buy their art at very inflated prices. Mostly harmless, but it is still something to be avoided. More dangerous scams do exist, but typically involve someone convincing you to follow him/her to a nearby bar/ktv to see beautiful girls. Once you get to the room a couple of things can happen. You might have a nice KTV experience, but at the end presented with an outrageous bill. When you refuse to pay some large men will come in and threaten you until you agree to pay, or turn over all the money in your wallet. In another twist the girl will get very friendly with you, and while you are in the throws of passion some large bouncer looking guys will bust in and claim that you have broken the law and if you do not pay them off they will call the cops. The best way to avoid such scams is to NEVER go with someone claiming they will take you to the best bar/ktv or a lot of “beautiful girls”. If they have girls, ask them to bring the girl to you. During certain times of the year girls are harder to come by then other times. Times of the year to avoid include the Chinese New Year (locally called the Spring Festival), the first week in May (international Labor holiday), and the first week in October (China National Holiday). There is also a crack down whenever the Chinese People’s Congress is in session. I do not claim to know everything about mongering in Beijing, but I believe this document covers the basics. Feel free to send me a PM with corrections or additional information, and if you cannot PM just post it on the board as an FAQ addendum.

Beginners Pub Crawl
The most basic itinerary is to start at the Pig and Thistle in the Holiday Inn Lido. The Pig opens at 5 pm and is a great place to meet your friends for a beer after work. From 5 pm until 8 pm is "happy hour" which will get you 2 for 1 drinks. Chinese girls start to show up early (around 7:30 pm), Mongolian and Russian girls later (around 9:30 pm). As this is a major 4 star hotel everyone will speak English, and they will accept credit cards. There is an ATM machine in the hotel, as well as many restaurants. At about 11 pm you can move from “The Pig” to the Hard Rock Café (HRC). A taxi ride should cost you around 15 RMB. You can always ask one of the girls in the Pig to go with you, and then dump her later if you find someone better. They will all know how to get there, and be happy to get into the Hard Rock as they typically cannot get in alone without paying off the bouncers. The Hard Rock will cost you 100 RMB cover charge, but they will have a live band and you will get 1 drink for “free”. You can go earlier, but the girls do not start to show up until after 11 pm. At 1 am the band is finished for the night and everyone heads to Maggie's. Taxi’s will be queued up outside The Hard Rock and you can simply tell the driver “Maggie’s” and they will know where to go. It is that simple. If you are not a late night person I suggest you still make this trek one night early in your visit. You can then collect mobile phone numbers from various girls you encounter during the evening, and then give them a call to meet you later during your stay.

The Girls
Every week there are new girls coming to Beijing. At the same time, I have known many girls that have worked in Beijing for years. It is often difficult to discuss specific girls because many of them go by the same name, but once you become a regular you will start to realize which girls are regulars too. China will grant the Mongolians a 90 "tourist" visa, so most of the girls have apartments and spend 3 months in Beijing, then go home for a week or 2 to get a new visa. Since they have apartments it is possible to go back to their place if you do not want to bring them back to your hotel, but you should confirm this first because they all have several room mates. Often when you go back with a girl to her apartment (Chinese or Mongolian) they will offer for their room mate to "join in". This of course will cost you more money. While tempting, in my experience the 3-some in China is typically you have sex with one girl, then the other, rather than the orgy the movies make it out to be. The girls all talk to each other, so if you screw one over the rest of them will quickly find out and either avoid you, or ask for a premium, up front payment before going with you.

Mongolian Vs. Chinese Vs. Russian
The old joke is "what do you call a Chinese girl with tits and ass? Mongolian!" Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are some girls in the bar that I would not look twice at, but they still manage to find business. In my opinion the Chinese have a more classic beauty, but the Mongolian's have nicer bodies. I have found the Mongolian's to be more passionate. They are more likely to drink with you and have a good time in the bar before going home with you. Once you get them home they truly seem to enjoy their work. The Chinese girls in Beijing tend to be true "professionals" or inexperienced girls straight from the countryside. The Russian's attitude seems to be a cross between the two - they will drink with you in the bar to a certain extent, but they will quickly ask if you want to go with them. If you say no they will move on to the next guy. There are always exceptions, so your mileage may vary. You can find Chinese girls on the street that are working for "mamasans", but most of the girls I encounter in the bars are all independent providers. I have not encountered a Mongolian girl yet that is working with/for a pimp, but it seems all of the Russian girls are. I suspect this has something to do with their travel expenses - the pimp up-fronts the travel money and expects to make a profit.

Taking Girls back to your room
It is against the law to have a visitor in your hotel room after 11 pm. Many hotels will stop you if you try to take a guest to your room starting around 10:30. The girls will know the situation better then we do - If you pickup a girl in the hotel's bar then she probably will have a way to get upstairs. If you are taking her back to your hotel simply ask her if it will be a problem. If you see security guards posted at the elevators then they will probably stop you. You wont get in any trouble, but they will not let the girl up. If you are bringing back a Russian or Mongolian girl to your hotel then you can officially register her as a "guest" at the hotel front desk. All this means is that the hotel will make a copy of her passport. The girl must have a valid visa in order for this to work, so you may want to ask her if she has her passport before you head back to the hotel. Keep in mind that when she registers at the front desk then her name may appear on your bill when you check out. If this will be a problem you can always ask them to reprint it, removing the girls name. On the plus side if the hotel has the girls passport information there is no way she will try to rip you off.

Many factors impact the price - short time vs. all night, age and experience of the girl, time in the evening (early/late), venue (Pig, Hard Rock, Maggie's), and so on. I am a firm believer in the idea that you get what you pay for. I want a good experience, so I am willing to pay a little more. I believe the price schedule I use is fair to both parties.
Chinese Farm Girl from off the street who speaks no English. One shot - 300 RMB
Chinese Girl from a bar who speaks English - 600 RMB (all night is rare because they have a home to go to)
Young Mongolian Girl early evening, one shot: 800 RMB. Early evening all night: 1,200 RMB. Late night one shot: 600 RMB, late night all night: 1,000 RMB
Older Mongolian girl 600 RMB
Russian girl: anywhere from 600 RMB - 1,000 RMB depending on how busy they are.

Barbershops (BBS)
There are many barber shop/hair salons all over Beijing. Some of these shops are legitimate places to get your hair cut, while others offer massage and "extras". The best way to tell the difference is to look inside. If you see several young girls dressed in short skirts then they probably offer extras. At some of the places the girls are standing in the doorway of the shop trying to get customers to come in. They all have some type of back room where the massage will be performed. Conditions vary widely from shop to shop - some have a nice back room with a small table or bed and a locking door, others just have an area partitioned off with a Curtin. I have personally investigated the BBSs near the Lido hotel. They all are very aggressive and promised a massage, but they wanted to be paid 300 RMB up front. This will get you a so-so massage and a hand job. Once you are in the room a 2nd and 3rd girl will come in asking if you want them to join in. They will each want additional money. I know a (naive) western friend who went looking for a hair cut, and was talked into a massage for 300 RMB. After the girl had got him "excited" she told him she would give him a hand job for $100 US. This is way out of line price wise. Service will vary from shop to shop, or even from girl to girl. It has always been my impression that to take full advantage of the BBS scene you need to be able to speak good mandarin. An alternative to the BBS is the Cigar Bar down the street from the Lido called “Café del Mar”. In the basement they have several small rooms where they offer massage. Friends have told me that for 600 RMB you can get full sex. I have also been told that the massage girls are available for take out. On the first floor are some girls that will sit in drink with you (similar to the Chinese girls at Maggie's), but only a few of them will offer massage. There are also different girls that are completely dedicated to massage, so before you spend a lot of time/money chatting up a girl find out if she will go the extra mile with you.

Sometimes when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere the only bright spot might be your hotel's "sauna". Most of the Chinese hotels will have some type of massage or sauna place down in the basement, and almost all of these places will perform extra services. These services will range from a hand job to full sex, depending on the place and the girl. Your biggest hurdle will be to convince them to service a westerner, so this is the time when you will need the help of your Chinese business partner. Ask him to arraign your first visit, and you can then go down whenever you want after that and negotiate on your own. There are several saunas in Beijing and this can be a nice alternative if you cannot bring a girl back to your hotel. The way a sauna works is as follows – you walk in and are greeted by someone at a check-in counter. They will take your shoes from you and give you a pair of slippers. I guess this is there way to ensure you don’t walk the bill – you would have to do so leaving your shoes behind! They will give you some type of tag with a number on it. This is your locker number, and also the way they track your bill. You then go to a locker/changing room and take off all of your clothes and lock them up. You will then be shown into a room with showers, large pools of different water temperatures, and a traditional sauna room. You first take a shower and are free to use the pools and sauna. Sometimes you will see guys sitting around naked playing Chinese chess. They may also have a body scrub room where a guy will scrub all over you to defoliate your skin. When you are finished you go get a towel and dry off and go back into the locker room. They will have some pajamas you can wear for free. They may try to up-sell you and talk you into purchasing some of their special pajamas, but this is not required.. You will then typically go upstairs and be escorted to a hotel like room. There are different sizes of rooms, for different prices. They may take you to a small one first, or a big one. You can always ask to see other sizes of rooms. Next you will be shown a menu of services. Sometimes they have English, sometimes they don’t. If they don’t then you need to get it across to the person who is showing you to the room what you want as some girls will do the extra services, and some will not. You can get a standard massage which will almost always end with a hand job. Some saunas offer “cat baths” where the girl licks all over your body, “fire and Ice” where she will give you a blow-job first with warm tea in her mouth, and then with cold water. If full sex is not on the menu, but the girl will do it, she will typically charge you for 2 standard massages. Once your massage is finished you can go back down to the sauna area and shower before getting dressed. You generally pay a fee just to use the sauna’s facilities, another hourly fee for the room, and a fee for the massage. Depending on what type of massage you choose the total package should run from 500 RMB to 1000 RMB. For specific sauna locations please search the forum as it is easier to follow directions to the sauna rather than find it by address.


Pig and Thistle (Holiday Inn Lido)
Pig and Thistle in the Holiday Inn Lido Hotel
Jiang Tai Rd., Chaoyang District
Located outside off the 4th ring road, north east of the city along the way to the airport. Tell the taxi driver "Li Du Fan Dian" and he will know where to take you. For those historians on the board the Pig and Thistle was once called the Pig and Whistle, but they were forced to change their name a few years ago because there is some other bar in China with the name Pig and Thistle that has registered it as a trademark in China. It is easiest to simply refer to it as "The Pig". The Pig has a decent 2 for 1 "happy hour" from 5 to 8. You pay hotel bar prices for your drinks, but when they are 2 for 1 it is not so bad. Some Chinese working girls will start to show up as early as 6, and the Mongolian and Russian girls are usually in force by 10. If the Chinese girls are not in the Pig they can often be found sitting at either the Starbuck's or Baskin Robins in the Lido complex around the corner. All of the Chinese girls at the Pig are "regulars", there night after night. They are all very friendly and will be more than happy to act as a tour guide for you during the day. I have arraigned this for friends on several occasions and they have always been pleased. The Pig closes at 2 am, and last call is 1 am. Typically the girls will gauge the crowd and start to leave for either the Hard Rock or Maggie's around midnight. If you don't know what you are doing, just sit down at the bar and strike up a conversation with another guy. There is an ATM in the Lido complex that accepts international debit and credit cards. Since The Pig is located in a major international hotel chain it will accept credit cards for payment.
The Pig is an oasis in the middle of hostile territory. The Lido is still a haven for much of the expat population in Beijing, so there is always a chance you will run into the wife of one of your expat partners. If it is early simply tell the girl to follow you at a safe distance, and to keep walking should you stop to chat with someone. There are currently a couple hundred American construction workers in town building the new American Embassy. They work 6 days a week, and are off on Sunday. It is best to avoid the Pig on Saturday night as the male to female ratio shifts the supply and demand curve to demand.

Located in the Russian district just south of the Ritan Hotel (Re Tan Fan Dian), Hollywood is within walking distance of Maggie’s. It is styled like a bad rip off of a Planet Hollywood restaurant. There is a 40 RMB cover charge to enter, and this gets you your first drink. Hollywood has the highest population of Russian girls in Beijing, as well as some Mongolian girls. Unlike The Pig, Hard Rock, and Maggie's, the girls are all sitting at tables waiting for the guys to approach them. Be sure and watch the bartenders - they have a tendacy to keep the change from large bills unless to push them to give it to you.

Treasure Island
Located in the Russian district just north of the Ritan Hotel, Treasure Island is more a restaurant than it is a bar. When you go in you will be shown to a table, and a live band will be playing contemporary Russian music. It will be full of Russian working girls, but no one typically shows up until after midnight.

Hard Rock Cafe
8 Dongsanhuan Beilu,Landmark Hotel, Chaoyang District
Located right next to the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel. You standard Hard Rock Café you will find in many big cities around the world, except working girls start to show up around 11:00 pm. You have to pay a 100RMB cover charge to get in every night except Wednesday. The cover includes your first drink. They usually have a Pilipino band playing that is not too bad. To get a good view hang around the stair case behind the bar. I would venture to say that 99% of the single girls there are working, and they can all speak some English. The Hard Rock is a tourist trap, so there are some non-working girls, but it is easy to distinguish the pros from the straight girls. You will find Chinese, Mongolian, and some Russian girls at the Hard Rock. Talk, flirt, enjoy the view and the music. If you find a girl you like she will be happy to go with you. The girls have to pay a cover to get in every night, plus they must pay security monthly or they will be turned away at the door, so expect to pay a slight premium ( 800RMB) for them to go with you. If you want to make a friend, offer to take one of the girls from the Pig and Thistle to the Hard Rock with you. If they go with a foreigner then they do not have to pay the bouncers extra to get in. Once at the Hard Rock you can ditch her if you like, she will just be happy to be in the prime hunting grounds. Around midnight people will start leaving for Maggie’s.
In the past I have suggested Wednesday night be deemed "beginners" night at the Hard Rock. There is not cover charge on Wednesday, and they play retro music. If you are new in town and looking for advice hang out on the staircase behind the bar. If you are an old hand and see some guy hanging out on the stairs by himself say hello and offer to show him the ropes.

Passion’s in the Great Wall Sheraton has reopened, and seems to be back to it’s regular form as a high-end bar/ktv. You will find some of the most beautiful Chinese working girls at Passions. You will need to pay 100 RMB cover to get in, and the girls will expect a 300 RMB tip just to take to you. If you want to take one home it can run you 2000 RMB. Spending time in the KTV can cost you $1000US, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

The Den
4 Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District
(next to City Hotel's main entrance)
6592 6290
The Den is a restaurant and bar downstairs with a bar and dance floor upstairs. The food is good, and it is a nice pickup spot. There is a good mix of Chinese, Russian and Mongolian girls on any given night. There has been some talk about the bouncers at The Den getting a little carried away with people who get drunk and stupid, so if you fall into that category I would suggest you avoid The Den.

Bar One (formally Maggie's Club)
Dongfanglu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District
Located down the street from the Hilton hotel. Nice bar with lots of girls, but almost all of them work for the bar and are there to drink and talk with you, but not go home. If you sit and chat with them for a while they will expect you to buy them dirnks, and tip them at the end of the evening.

Ritan Park South Gate, Chaoyang District
8562 8142/8143
Sun-Wed, 7.30pm-4.30am; Thu-Sat, 7.30-5am
Probably the best know bar for our hobby in Beijing. The new location is at the South gate entrance to Ritan Park. Go to their website for a map, but most late night taxi drivers should know "maggies". There is no cover charge, but they sometimes give non-Anglos a hard time at the door saying membership is required. You may have better luck on a non-weekend night, and then once you establish yourself as a regular I don't think they will stop you. At Maggie's you will find Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian girls. Almost all of the Chinese girls in Maggie's work for the bar - their job is to sell you drinks, and get you to buy them drinks. They will also sometime ask you for a tip at the end of the evening. While it is possible to hook up with a girl who works for Maggie's, I have found it is rare. Maggie's stays open until everyone goes home. There have been times when I have walked in, found a girl, and left quickly, and other times I have not left until the sun came up. The main attraction of Maggie's is the Mongolian girls, and they will all end up at Maggie's around 1 am if they are not already taken. For those familiar with the scene in HongKong Maggie's has been described as similar to Fenwick or Neptunes in Wanchai.

Cafe del Mar
Within walking distance from the Lido hotel. You can get a draft beer for 10RMB, and they have bar girls that will sit and drink with you. In the basement they have massage rooms, where it is possible to get extra services. The girls upstairs may make you promises, but when it comes to taking them down stirs they will all differ you to one of their “friends” who specialize in massages. On Wednesday they do a "poll dance" at 10 pm that is rare in Beijing


Kempinski Hotel
German owned 5 star hotel. Girl friendly and working girls can sometimes be found in the hotel lobby.

Crown Plaza WuZhou
Part of the Holiday Inn chain. The WuZhou is located in the Olympic Games area, not to be confused with the other Crown Plaza located downtown. It is a very nice 5 star hotel that is girl friendly. In the evenings guys can often be found out front of the hotel offering girls. Remember: never go with one of these guys, but instead as them to bring the girls to you.

Crown Plaza Downtown
Nice 5 star hotel located down town on Wangfujing. Girl friendly.

Holiday Inn Lido
Semi-girl friendly, the Holiday Inn Lido is an older 4 star hotel in the north east part of the city. Security will often stop you if you try to take a girl to your room after 11 pm. The Lido is mainly known for The Pig and Thistle bar, which is the starting point for many working girls each evening.

Great Wall Sheraton
5 star hotel located on the 3rd ring road. Not very girl friendly, but does have Passion’s located on the 1st floor.

Wangfujing Hotel
5 star girl friendly hotel that has a sauna as well as in room massage available.

Grand Hyatt Beijing
One of the nicest 5 star hotels in Beijing located in the heart of the city in the Oriental Plaza complex. Girl friendly with a in house sauna and massage available. Girls also often hang out in the hotel lobby looking for business.

China World Hotel
1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District
6505 2266
Girl friendly 5 star hotel located inside the 3rd ring. Girls can be found in the hotel lobby, as well as the Starbucks around the corner.

Hang Tian Bridge
Girl Friendly 5 star hotel with good KTV in basement that caters to westerners.

Landmark Hotel
Across the street from the Great Wall Sheraton, and around the corner from the Hard Rock. Girl friendly with KTV in basement.

A KTV is the Chinese version of Karaoke. They are 2 types of KTVs, ones that have girls and ones that do not. A “straight” KTV is a place where friends can gather together and sing songs, et cetera, just like you see in the movies. The other type is where guys go to grope all over girls. Think of it as the Chinese version of a strip/gentleman’s club. You would never really go to a KTV alone, but some do have a common bar area where you can get a drink and talk to some of the girls. When you arrive at the KTV you will first be shown to a large room with sofa, a large table, and audio visual equipment. There are 2 major costs associated with KTV'ing - The room, and the girls. You will first be quoted a price for "the room". This price is based upon the size of the room, but think of it as a minimum purchase - if they say it will cost 1000RMB, that means you will need to purchase at least 1000RMB worth of food/snacks and drinks. This does not include the tips for "the girls". Once you get settled the Mamasan will bring in a lineup of girls for you to choose from. If you do not find anyone you like there will probably be another group for you to choose from. I always ask the group if any of the girls speak English. Finding an English speaking girl at a KTV is rare even in Beijing (and non-existent out side of Beijing). A KTV Tip: Once you find a girl who speaks English it is wise to get her mobile number, that way, if you plan to go to the KTV in the future you can give her a call and she will wait for you instead of joining the line-up for other guys. I have noticed that most of my Chinese friends all have "regular" girls they call before we arrive at the KTV bar so their girl will be waiting for them. Once you have picked your girl she will wait on you, pour your drink, toast you, offer you food, ect. If you get stuck with a non-English speaker that ask to play the dice game. You can usually do this without her having to know any English, and it allows you and her to drink and flirt together. I have been told that these girls expect you to do just about anything but penetrate them, so feel free to let your hands roam. The girl will typically respond to your cue - if you are bold, she will be bold, if you are shy, she will be shy. The last few times I have been in a KTV we have played "sex games". These are actually more innocent then they sound, the kind of games you would play at parties when you were in High School, but they are still kind of fun. For example, one of the guys would be blind folded and get to feel up each of the girls and try to guess which tits belong to which girl. Or the opposite, a girl is blind folded and grabs the crotch of each guy. Most of these little games involve the girl getting naked in one capacity or another, so it can be kind of fun. Recently I have also been exposed to "sex shows" where the normal KTV girls leave the room, and another girl comes in and does a Bangkok style sex show. To be honest, I can do without that, but if that is your thing it is now available in Beijing. My last visit when we played the dice game each time I would loose I had to drink, but each time the girl lost she took off an article of clothing. As I have played dice a few times in the past we soon had the cloths off all of the girls. When it is time to go you will be brought your room bill. Have your Chinese buddy review it and make sure you are not getting cheated. If the place takes credit cards you can typically add the tip onto the room fee, and they will write you a receipt that says "meal" or "food" in Chinese. I have been to several KTV places in Beijing, and never tipped anyone but the Girl who sat with me (and the girls of my customers if I am entertaining them), and then a max of only 300RMB. I have been told by my Chinese friends that 100RMB minimum, 200RMB average, and 300RMB if you had a good experience. Maybe I am being too cheep, but the girls never seem to get angry or complain. I will typically buy the Mamasan a drink, but I do not give anything to the waitress. Remember that this tip does not include any take out fee - if you want the girl to go to your room you will need to negotiate this deal separately. I have never been in a KTV were there was not at least some girls that were willing to go with you. You just need to specify that this is what you want with the Mamasan before you pick your girl, and she will steer you in the right direction. Just like everything else, I think the key to good service it to become a regular customer at some bar/KTV. The first few times you go have your Chinese buddy look over the bill and make sure you were not cheated, but once the Mamasan recognizes that you will come back, and bring other potential customers, then she will never try to cheat you. For specific KTV locations please search the forum as it is easier to find them by following directions rather than by address.

Escorts / Incall
You can find ads for “massages” in the local English magazine “That’s Beijing”. People who have called these numbers never report a truly positive experience. The only thing you can be sure about is that the girl in the picture will not be the girl that turns up at your door.

Street Scene
Girls can be found in various places around the city. You will also find mamsans who will tell you she has girls available. I cannot stress enough that you never want to follow anyone to see the girls. Have them bring the girls to you. These girls will be fresh off the farm, in experienced, and speak no English, but they will be cheep.

Happy Hunting!

Источник: internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=571272

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